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Virtual Mentor

Our breakthrough Virtual Mentor platform gives you the “Holy Grail” of learning and development – the ability to get new behaviors to stick with learners and to achieve measurable impact from your training dollars.

  • Daily Practice: Virtual Mentor takes participants on a learning journey that begins with a workshop or online program and then extends into a few minutes of daily practice over the next several weeks to ensure the new behavior sticks.
  • Video-based Challenges: Participants are provided video-based challenges on their mobile devices where they get to practice new behaviors in a risk-free environment. They get regular feedback on their performance from peers or experts – and an opportunity to learn from best-practice performances.
  • Progress Monitoring:  You have access to a dashboard through which you can continuously monitor individual participants’ practice activity, assess their performance, and measure the impact of the training.
Begin your journey of a lifetime to become a more authentic leader in both your personal and professional relationships!