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Building Your Leadership Foundation Executive Program

Critical Dates

Fall 2017: Sept. 11, 2017 to Dec. 3, 2017
Spring 2018: Jan 29, 2018 to Mar. 11, 2018
Summer 2018: May 21, 2018 - July 1, 2018
Fall 2018: Sep. 10, 2018 - Oct. 21, 2018

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When we step into new roles in life and leadership, we typically have a clear view of what we need to accomplish – but rarely of how we should get there. What core principles should our path in life and leadership be illuminated by? What attitudes, beliefs, and mindsets are critical to success? What behaviors will put us on the path to maximizing our potential?

Building Your Leadership Foundation invites you to examine, and in many cases, rescript, your core beliefs about work, leadership and life. You will learn how there are in fact certain universal principles that drive success in life and leadership, and tools to put these principles into practice. You will gain powerful, and often surprising, insights on how to maximize your impact based on the paths that great leaders have taken. You will gain an understanding of the role of mindsets in driving behavior and performance, and learn how to cultivate a winner’s mindset. And finally, you will learn how to cultivate a powerful force – love – as a guiding force in life and leadership.

The principles, beliefs, and tools you will acquire in Building Your Leadership Foundation will help you approach both challenges and opportunities in life and leadership with greater clarity, wisdom, and love. And at the deepest level, you will start to discover that to achieve your full potential in life and leadership, you have to see them as two sides of the same coin.

What You Will Learn

Part I: Success Principles for Life and Leadership

Apply transformational principles to maximize success in life and leadership

  • 5 universal leadership principles
  • How to succeed by not trying the principle of nonattachment
  • The power of paradox unleashing your highest potential by embracing opposing ideas
  • Simplicity: The secret to success in a complex world
  • Practical tools to put these principles into action
  • Analyses and stories that show how these principles have played a central role in the success of great leaders throughout history

Part II: Cultivating a Winner's Mindset

Identify and vanquish self-defeating beliefs and mindsets to maximize your effectiveness

  • How your beliefs and mindsets affect your behavior and performance
  • Practical methods for surfacing beliefs that are limiting you today – and how to re-script them
  • Four mindsets that separate winners from average performers
  • Practical scientific techniques to help you and your team shift into a winner’s mindset
  • Insights on how the winner's mindset has been practiced by great leaders and teams

Part III: Leading from the Heart

Cultivate the inner virtue that will help you multiply your impact and build a loyal following

  • A precise definition of love, as it applies to life and work
  • Four dimensions of love and how the Personal Leadership view of love contrasts with the mainstream view
  • How great leaders have manifested love in the form of compassion, empathy, kindness, selflessness, and forgiveness in the pursuit of their purpose
  • Costs and benefits of love in life and leadership and how to maximize its impact.
  • Practical techniques to nurture and practice love in life and leadership.
  • Costs and benefits of forgiveness and the winner's path to forgiveness that is validated by science and exemplified by great leaders
  • Practical techniques for pursuing the winner’s path to forgiveness

Building Your Leadership Foundation Executive Program

Course Info

This Columbia-IPL Executive Program allows you, over a 12-week timeframe, to build a broader personal leadership competency.

  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Time Required: 3 hours per week
  • Self-paced, high-quality video lectures
  • Online reflections and discussion
  • Opportunity to interact with a global community of executive participants
  • IPL’s proprietary myPL mobile learning platform for convenient on-the-go access
  • Certificate of Completion (Executive Program) from the Institute for Personal Leadership & Columbia Business School Executive Education.
  • One day of credit toward a Certificate with select alumni and tuition benefits from Columbia Business School.
  • Access to the IPL toolbox – tools, templates, and frameworks


Building Your Leadership Foundation is based on IPL’s scientific learning system, integrating breakthrough research in psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics, sociology, medicine and psychotherapy, a rigorous study of great leaders and organizations, and a practical toolkit to drive tangible improvement in your personal leadership skills.


This online course is taught by Professor Hitendra Wadhwa, Professor of Practice at Columbia Business School and Founder of the Institute for Personal Leadership. You can read his bio on the on the Founder’s page.

Building Your Leadership Foundation Executive Program

Who It is For

The Building Your Leadership Foundation program is designed for executives of all levels who are looking to approach the challenges of life and leadership with greater clarity, wisdom, and love.

Building Your Leadership Foundation Master Classes

Success Principles for Life & Leadership

This class sheds a unique and powerful light on this topic by crystallizing a number of success principles that great leaders have actively but silently pursued, and that, while initially invisible, are within reach for all of us.  Some of these principles will find immediate resonance with you, and some will surprise you.

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Developing People from the Inside-Out

This class will strengthen your effectiveness in developing your people by giving them effective feedback and coaching. As a leader, you need to hold a mirror in front of your people so that they understand their strengths and development needs and take appropriate action to close performance gaps on a regular basis.

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Cultivating a Winner's Mindset

Our beliefs and mindsets have an invisible hold on us. They are powerful forces in life and leadership that can hold us back or propel us forward – and yet, since they are deeply entrenched in our psyche, we are often not aware of how they are influencing our behavior, performance and outcomes in life and leadership.

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