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Executive Testimonials

“The best part of the online class was Prof. Hitendra. His delivery was just remarkable. I enjoyed his teaching and listening to his lessons; they were like stories which I believe is the best way to learn and remember lessons. The program gave me practical tools to apply immediately to my life

— Luiza Raposo, Sr. Account Manager, 360i LLC

“Prof. Wadhwa’s keynote speech ‘The Right Mindsets to Maximize Personal Impact’ was highly appreciated by the participants. The feedback about the whole event, and especially Prof. Wadhwa’s presentation, was extremely positive. His input was crucial for us to help shape the right mindset of a market leader in our organization.

— Liam Condon, CEO, Bayer CropScience

“I really enjoyed Prof. Wadhwa’s style and presentation. He made the course very interesting and made it feel as though I was right there.

— Ernie Bray, CEO and Founder, AutoClaims Direct Inc.

“I really liked Prof. Wadhwa, his teaching style and his use of scientific research to validate powerful lessons.

— Lucy Boudet, VP Marketing and Strategic Communication, Valencia College

“Prof. Wadhwa kept my interest and involvement at high levels through his effective communication style — one that has great clarity and humor!

— Gustavo Stubrich Executive Director/Owner, Onstrategy Consulting Group

“[I loved…] the energy and love with which Hitendra delivers the classes. It is refreshing!

— Deborah Lugo, Executive Director, Mercury

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