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Why Choose the Institute for Personal Leadership?

When you make an investment in personal leadership development, you are embarking on a journey of a lifetime. Our online Executive Programs and Master Classes help you discover a new approach from the inside out.

Enrich Your Resume

Invest in your future and earn a Columbia Business School Executive Education + IPL Certificate of Completion from any of our Executive Programs or Master Classes. Whether preparing for a new career or stacking credentials for future promotions, give your self an accomplishment that will follow you for life.

Engage New Networks

Forging strong networks is a key ingredient for career success. IPL classes encourage authentic relationships with new peers through online discussions. You will earn one credit towards earning a Certificate in Business Excellence which grants select Columbia Business School alumni benefits – the world’s sixth most powerful global alumni network.


Energize Lifelong Leadership

Inspire others through powerful leadership communications. Access to the IPL Toolkit provides you with the methodologies and frameworks that will spark transformative ideas. Practice your leadership skills and stay ahead of rapidly changing technologies to drive strategic impact. Enjoy the lifelong benefits of IPL’s personal leadership programs.

Looking for profound perspectives of how to be a great leader while advancing your career?

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Begin your journey of a lifetime to become a more authentic leader in both your personal and professional relationships!