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About the Institute for Personal Leadership

Personal Leadership is the universal science behind maximizing one’s outer impact through inner mastery pursued by all great leaders through history. IPL enables individuals to approach their highest potential in life and leadership by pursuing inner mastery and translating this into outer impact – through a range of online courses offered in collaboration with Columbia Business School Executive Education. Our work is based on Professor Hitendra Wadhwa’s widely acclaimed research and teaching at Columbia Business School.

Why the Institute for Personal Leadership

IPL is at the forefront of developing a rigorous new discipline of Personal Leadership that integrates the fields of leadership and personal growth. Our approach is distinctive because it builds on universal laws of human nature that are validated by the latest scientific research, exemplified by the lives of great leaders, and operationalized by a practical toolkit you can implement immediately.

We approach leadership from the inside out by showing you how to maximize your outer impact by first pursuing inner mastery. And you don’t have to take anything we teach you on faith. Our Personal Leadership methodology is based on a compelling body of scientific evidence from the frontiers of psychotherapy, organizational and individual psychology, neuroscience, sociology, behavioral economics, and medicine.
Today, we are witnessing an explosion of new research and publications on topics such as stress management, mindfulness, influencing, resilience, relationships, and emotional intelligence. Most experts focus on a specific dimension of human nature or a specific set of tools, based on their expertise. At IPL, we are continually identifying, synthesizing, and integrating multiple streams of scientific research to help you understand yourself and others in a holistic manner – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – in your pursuit of success in life and leadership.
So often, you learn something valuable in a training program but forget it the moment you walk back into your office. At IPL, we link every Personal Leadership insight with specific “how-to” tools, drawn from multiple disciplines, which you can implement immediately. We are committed to bringing you solutions that are firmly grounded in real-world proof of impact and to helping you succeed at cultivating winning mindsets and behaviors.
We are committed to both engaging your minds and stirring your hearts. We have compiled an extensive body of case studies drawn from the lives of great leaders – such as Nelson Mandela, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi, and Steve Jobs – which demonstrate how they cultivated Personal Leadership to bring out the best in themselves and others. We integrate these case studies with stories from the lives of everyday heroes and our own alumni to inspire our participants, not just inform them, along their journey to personal and professional growth.
We offer a range of training formats, including a compelling portfolio of online learning solutions. This enables participants to learn in their own style and within their schedule. We give you access to IPL anytime, anywhere. Engage in coursework anywhere with an internet connection.
Great leaders approach learning and development not as a one-time activity but a lifelong pursuit. Participants who complete our flagship Personal Leadership program are invited to become part of an IPL lifelong learning community. This keeps our participants connected with each other while also giving them access to the latest library of IPL resources to serve their evolving needs over the course of their professional and personal journey in life.

Program Framework

Acclaimed Professor Hitendra Wadhwa embarked on a journey of scientific discovery that ultimately resulted in his founding of the Institute for Personal Leadership.

Science of Self curriculum invites you on a powerful journey toward discovering and mastering your own self and establishing the inner foundation for pursuing success in life and leadership.

We typically approach leadership as an outward-focused discipline.  As a leader, you need to know how to inspire others, direct others, change others, influence others, and turn others around at times of adversity.  But what if you turn that lens inward?  Do you know how to inspire your self, direct your self, change your self, influence your self, and turn your own self around at times of adversity?  Isn’t it critical to master this inner game of leadership before you can master the outer game?

What You Will Learn:

You will gain an understanding of the key elements of your inner environment – goals, values, purpose, mindsets, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, motivations, and habits. You will learn how these inner forces influence your behavior, happiness, relationships and performance, and you will acquire practical tools for mastering your inner environment to help you pursue success in life and leadership.

Discover Your Path:

No man is an island. Few meaningful goals in life and leadership are achieved without the participation and support of others. The Science of People curriculum focuses on how you can draw out the best in others – your subordinates, boss, clients, colleagues, partners, and even your friends and family – in the pursuit of a common objective.

The Science of People curriculum gives you a powerful set of leadership principles and a toolkit to strengthen your ability to inspire others, have difficult conversations, develop others, and more.  Our Virtual Mentor mobile learning platform translates your learnings into tangible and sustainable improvements in your leadership behavior.

What You Will Learn:

The Science of People builds on the learnings you get from the Science of Self on how to master your inner environment. In the Science of People, you will learn how to lead others by first attuning yourself to their inner life – their values, motivations, thoughts, beliefs, mindsets, and emotions – and then using this attunement to win the support, behavior changes, and performance breakthroughs you are seeking from them.  This is a powerful new inside-out approach to leadership that draws from Professor Hitendra Wadhwa’s study of the lives of great leaders and latest breakthroughs in psychology, neuroscience, psychotherapy, and organizational studies.

Besides giving you a powerful set of leadership principles, the Science of People curriculum will give you a practical toolkit to strengthen your practice of leadership. And through the practice and feedback opportunities you get using our first-of-its-kind Virtual Mentor mobile platform, you will be able to translate your learning into tangible and sustainable improvements in your leadership behaviors.

Discover Your Path:

Your success as a leader hinges on your ability to analyze strategic issues, develop deep insight, solve complex problems, find innovative solutions, make critical tradeoffs, and align key stakeholders – while operating under conditions of limited time, data and resources. The Science of Strategy draws on skills and best practices from top-tier practitioners and firms in management consulting, venture capital, entrepreneurship, and creative leadership.

What You Will Learn:

The Science of Strategy curriculum provides you with practical frameworks, insights, and tools to strengthen your ability to formulate solutions that address critical strategic challenges and opportunities under both stable and highly dynamic market conditions. You will master the skills you need to establish yourself as a trusted advisor to your superiors, colleagues, clients, and partners.

Discover Your Path:
Begin your journey of a lifetime to become a more authentic leader in both your personal and professional relationships!